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About J3 ADS

J3 ADS is a team of passion-driven experts in digital marketing that offers affordable social media management services to businesses like yours, helping them market more effectively on social media. We only do what we do best, which is why we specialize in social media marketing.

Our team consists of media account managers, data analysts, content creators and more who all do their job as a passion and not for the dollar.  With such a team, you get to work with people who love to create compelling, useful and competitive marketing solutions that are as flexible as your online target audience. We create and implement strategies that are not only in line with the current trends but also able to cope with the fast evolving online world. With us, your business will always be a step ahead of the rest.

We specialize and therefore prioritize connecting businesses with customers and build valuable connections between the two. It not only boosts your sales and spreads the good name of your business but also puts us in a better business position. We create content that adapts to how your prospective customers change on their social media platform, thus creating long term value for your social media community. Marketing is now two ways between brands and their prospects and you no longer need to feel lost when you need to engage with your online target audience – you got us. Our understanding of how social media users interact on the various platforms will transform your brand to a socially powered one.

What We Do

The online presence and recognition of our business is as crucial as the investment itself and it takes the right social media agency to grow awareness, relationships and traffic to your website. At J3 ADS, we come up with strategies to grow relevant followers on social media business pages through referrals and word of mouth. We do not just grow awareness, we make sure the word reaches people who match the demographics, interests and behavior of your typical customers. We build you a strong engagement with your online audience and increase website traffic, which directly influences leads and sales.

We not only create your social media accounts and pages but also post the right content and increase engagement with followers new and old alike, converting them to traffic for your website. Additionally, we deploy the very flexible Facebook ads to reach audiences who engage on the site. This builds brand awareness through impressions and also generates traffic for your website. Through insights about page performance, audience demographics and engagement metrics we are able to reshape your online marketing campaign for the better.

With Email marketing, we design engaging emails and create numerous campaign types to automate your marketing and grow your email list. We help you share your newsletters emails and surveys to a constantly growing number of subscribers. A professionally designed marketing funnel will nurture potential customers from being website traffic until they make a purchase. It has the ability of doubling your sales or more, it just needs to be professional, and that is what we deliver. We begin by making strangers aware that you offer certain services, providing enough value so that users will give you their contacts – they are already leads now. At the bottom end, you have already built enough trust with your leads and you can now offer your services in a way that compels action. Finally, we optimize your pages, enabling your brand to display its best public face and appear at the top of searches. With our analytics tools, you can be guaranteed of keeping the position ahead of the competition.

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We are here to provide you with more information, answer any questions you may have and create an effective solution for your social media needs.